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The MMBA is building an organization to serve Manitoba mountain bikers.

We have recently updated our Bylaws and Constitution. This document is available on our website for your review. We will accept comments for consideration and ratification at our upcoming AGM in September. If you’d like to submit feedback, please email and we can provide you a Word Doc version. Only feedback to a Word file with track changes on will be accepted due to the complexity of tracking and reviewing changes.

The goals of the Manitoba Mountain Bike Association are facilitated by two different working groups. One group will work with industry partners to build and maintain trails — infrastructure. The other group will work on outreach to the public and to various community groups, helping coordinate resources and connect people to work on items such as fundraising, education on trail building and maintenance, clinics on bike riding and maintenance, and others.

All to make for better experiences mountain biking in Manitoba. On behalf of the Manitoba Mountain Bike Association Board of Directors, we look forward to working with you all out there!

To view our brand new Bylaws, click here:

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