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The Manitoba Difference

Amazing Community, Diverse Landscapes

Manitoba may not have the elevation that British Columbia or Colorado have, but there's still plenty on offer for mountain bikers to enjoy.

Our mountain bike community is exploding, with new trail projects on the go all over the province, and more people shredding on two wheels than ever before.

Plus the trails we already have offer riders a vast variety of terrain to explore, like Falcon Lake's old-school technical grind, Blue Highways' flowy Canadian Shield, or Northgate's awesome trail system with features and flow for days, just to name a few.

Manitoba has 914 mountain biking specific trails and a total of over 2800 km of multi-use trails for recreationalists to enjoy. So if you live here, get out and explore, and if you don't, be sure to bring your bike next time you visit.

See you on the trails!

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