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MMBA Infrastructure Report: August 2022

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We understand that rumours can seem like ghosts in the wind, especially ones that feel like they never seem to pass the rumour stage. I am writing on behalf of the MMBA to inform you that we have in fact been patiently working towards a multi-use trail system in Manitoba’s capital region. We recognized that the Mountain Bike scene has been exploding province-wide with incredible opportunities in all directions. We encourage you to get out and experience every single one of these! Unfortunately, these opportunities do require a lot of time and resources to access for those living in and around Winnipeg. Our goal has always been to develop a system for all – which would be accessible at a moment’s notice to the densest population Manitoba has: Winnipeg.

Due to the location and politics behind this project, we are unable to discuss details publicly until a specific stage in the process. For these same reasons, the project is a multi-year project and we ask that you stay patient and supportive of our association while we work towards our end goal. We are currently still in the design and planning stage working towards a common goal with the land managers.

Our board is made up entirely of volunteers and we are in need of more support. If you are interested in being part of the association as a board member we are actively looking for additional members. If you don’t feel you have the ability to commit to a board position but recognize that you have expertise that would support our association please get in contact with us.

For any inquiries please email me, Brett Stovin, at

Ride, build, and have fun,

Brett Stovin

MMBA President

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