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Oak Ridge

Mountain Bike riders from Team Manitoba racing at Oak Ridge
Local rider Curt shredding at Oak Ridge


Located North of Winnipeg in Birds Hill Provincial Park, Oak Ridge (aka Bur Oak) is one of the most frequented trails in the area. It is a 4-8km handbuilt singletrack loop with various bypasses. It is known for good weather resistance due to its elevation and sandy soil.

Local mountain bikers started developing the trail in 2002. It was soon sanctioned after some hard work and collaboration with Manitoba Parks. 

The ‘Oak offers a mix of fast and flowy XC riding with challenges like tight corners, rock gardens, and sandpits.

The trail gets groomed for fat biking in the winter, so the riding can continue year-round. In the summer, it is approachable for any rider comfortable with offroad. It is best experienced on a hardtail or short-travel XC bike.



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