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Granite Groove Out

Mountain Bikers on Granite Groove Out
Rider on Granite Groove Out


With origins dating as far back as 2010, Granite Groove Out offers some of the province's most unique Canadian Shield riding. The hand-built 8.5km figure-eight loop trail is sprawled out on large expanses of granite rock overlooking Lee River, Manitoba.

First established by Alex Man while working at an underground research lab on the site, the Algeo & Buell families have resurrected the trail to host the "Granite Groove Out" race event starting in 2018. The MB MTB community quickly fell in love with the trail, and the name stuck. Cooperation with land managers and diligent work by the builders has capitalized on the terrain to include features like rock rolls, natural drops, and chunky climbs.

The trail is durable in any weather and rideable from early spring to late fall. It is approachable for riders who are comfortable with technical terrain, and there are elevation changes to challenge most fitness levels. Due to the rocky and rough terrain, a full-suspension bike is best here.



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