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Blue Highway

A mountain bike rider climbing a rock feature on Blue Highway


Originally plotted with blue flagging tape as a bushcrashing section of the 2011 Swamp Donkey Adventure Race, Blue Highway is a well-developed example of Canadian Shield riding near Caddy Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park. It is a 14km return out-and-back hand and machine-built singletrack trail which traverses large areas of bare granite rock surrounded by dense boreal forest.

Some of the race organizers took a liking to what they had stumbled upon, so trail development continued after the event. By 2015, it had become officially sanctioned. Through the hard work the South Whiteshell Trail Association (SWTA) put in in collaboration with Manitoba Parks, the trail has grown to include wood features, signage, and a newly developed skills area.

The trail gets groomed by locals for fat biking in the winter, making it a great riding destination in any season. It is approachable for those comfortable with some technical riding, and there is enough elevation change to challenge fitness. Due to the sometimes harsh terrain, a full-suspension trail bike is most at home here.



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